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What if there was a substance that you could take that could boost your client’s performance in the gym, on a bike, or on a track – and it was good for your body? And in the case of competitive athletes, what if it was undetectable, UCI legal (UCI is the world governing body of cycling), & verified by Industrial Laboratories – an independent, 3rd party, analytical testing lab – to contain no banned substances for athletes? Sound too good to be true? Well, as it turns out – it’s too good to pass up! 

The technology contains active Redox Signaling molecules and was originally formulated as an immune booster to ward off the effects of aging. During testing, however, athletes discovered that the stuff, which smells and tastes a bit like YMCA pool water, significantly boosted their muscle recovery rates and allowed them to increase their endurance & performance.

It also aided them in staying closer to their anaerobic threshold for extended periods. Which, as you know is important to high-performance athletes like marathoners, triathletes & cyclists. 

Early studies from the Human Performance Lab at Appalachian State in North Carolina discovered that on average people could push 12% longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30% range & lows around 7%. Cyclists could pedal harder, longer, and recover from repeated 100% efforts in ridiculously short intervals. The word “recover” is the operative in this equation. 

Muscle Recovery is the key to athletic performance. When we think about gaining strength, most often we obsess on the initial phase of training. We talk about tearing down our bodies, entering the pain cave. Basically, we stress our cells beyond rational limits & our bodies’ internal recovery mechanism responds by rebuilding the cells that we stressed. 

Glamorous as the no-pain-no-gain image is, however, your client’s performance is far more dependent upon their body’s ability to recover, and getting enough sleep is only part of the process. Complete recovery time depends upon proper cell function.

During or after a workout, millions of cells are communicating with each other and begging for much-needed supplies, sending out crews to patch up the damage and recycling the dead and wounded. When the body’s recovery mechanism keeps pace, we recover strong & aren’t dogged by soreness & pain. When we exceed its limitations, we suffer along with our cells. 


The best muscle recovery ingredient making up this product are only sodium & chloride, which suggests that a bottle of this consumable liquid is basically salt and water. But when these molecules are isolated & then rearranged, they become highly reactive redox signaling molecules – identical to the same messengers in our cells that signal the various healing, defense & regenerative mechanisms, and they also facilitate communication between the cells. 

Let’s compare a post-workout body to a house on fire. You pick up your cell phone to call 911. The firemen are ready, willing, trained, & able to come to your rescue.

However, if you do not have enough reception to allow the call to go through – your message doesn’t get thru. The simplest truth of this product is that by increasing the signals in and between your cells – your body is supported in it’s Protect, Detect, Repair, & Replace functions. What these guys do for those who workout is sound the alarm when our workouts throw our muscle cells into oxidative stress, and then they direct blood flow and regenerative microbes directly to where they are most needed and safely signal the body to heal itself. 

This technology brings significant benefits to athletes of all ages & ability. It is a groundbreaking biotech product that is not a juice, not a pill, not a powder. It is an engineered liquid that delivers these specialized molecules to increase the quantity of molecules already manufactured by your own cells. Because drinking this delivers more of these native molecules to your body, it empowers you to perform at greater athletic levels. 

Initial scientific trials have demonstrated that athletes who add it as a part of their regimen increase their time to a ventilatory threshold, on average, by an astonishing 12%! As a growing number of cyclists, runners, triathletes, gym rats, and weekend warriors discover the advantages of including it in their daily routine, new personal records are being achieved! 

Perhaps the best news for athletes is that this extraordinary product achieves these remarkable results while remaining completely safe & legal. It is heavily patented & zero competition. It is 100% free of all banned substances and delivers zero toxicity regardless of the amount consumed. 

Everyone interested in their physical fitness should be supplementing their workout with it. In fact, competitive athletes who don’t use it are finding themselves at an automatic disadvantage. It’s like letting everyone else get a head start! 

But it isn’t just for top-tier athletes. If it does so much for Ironman triathletes, what will it do for your morning jog, your workout? Or your aging parents? Or health compromised loved one? Most importantly, what will it do for your clients & your Personal Trainer business? 

Hopefully, you are super curious to learn the name of the product technology that can benefit you, your clients, and your business. To purchase it for yourself, or to learn more about this incredible, groundbreaking product please visit our website https://encounter.myasealive.com/.


Chuck & Tammi Gates

International Business & Wellness Consultants


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